Lemon-Lime - great summer scent
Grandma's Kitchen - can you smell the crust, nuts, sugar, spices and bubbling hot fruit?
Black Canyon - masculine & clean
Rootbeer - just needs the fizz!
Crabapple - slightly tart with a little sweet
Island Nectar - sweet and fruity
Welcome Home - graham crackers and other baking scents
Buttered Popcorn - hot & buttery, fresh popped corn
Patchouli - flashback to the 60's
Vanilla - soft creamy vanilla that smells good enough to eat

Lighthouse Candle

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Scented Lighthouse Candles are a wonderful nautical gift for someone special - each is 4.25 inches tall. Cole's Candles pours a different color at the base to depict water and each package insert is a local photo from nature. Many scents are available so the real question becomes - do you burn it or not?