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Winona Creek


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A cuff is a type of bracelet that has a wide opening in one side to allow the wearer to slip it on, sometimes a clasp may be added. Cuffs can be wide or thick and are usually very stiff so they keep their shape. Cuffs from Winona Creek are available in a variety of styles: the "chaos" style is heavy gauge wire randomly wrapped with semi-precious stones, oval; Bamboo Coral, Geometric and Gold Medley (with clasp) are round on a hardened spring wire; Obsidian and Hematite are also on a hardened spring wire and are oval in shape; Olive Ceramic is round with ceramic beads wrapped in brass wire with a clasp. Cuff sizes are noted in title, please request about other sizes prior to ordering ("adj" means it may be adjusted slightly for size,; "SC" means a safety chain may be required for a larger wrist).



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