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Cosette's Soaps

Artisan Bar Soaps

Artisan Bar Soaps

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Check out our new line of artisan bar soaps from Cosette Soaps!  Handcrafted soaps have coconut oil, olive oil, almond oil (sweet), palm oil, and castor oil - no animal products or testing.  With just enough essential or fragrance oil for a clean light scent (frosting is unscented):

Agave Lime - citrusy with light earth hints
Apple Tree - on the sweeter side, like a crisp apple
Clementine - with bentonite clay for sensitive skin
Eucalyptus Lemon - invigorating scent, like citronella
Fresh Coffee - with ground coffee for exfoliating
Lavandin Grosso - a light-scented cousin to lavender
Lavender Champagne - a musky lavender with hints of citrus
Lavender Lemonade - sweet and citrusy
Merlot - gardener's choice with activated charcoal for cleansing
Orange Midseason - fresh & clean, helps get odors off your hands
Patchouli & Sandalwood - popular patchouli balanced with sandalwood
Suede - outdoorsy masculine scent like aged leather
Tobacco & Tonka - clean masculine scent
Unscented Merlot - literally no fragrance
Autumn Leaves - a nice clean scent to "leave" you smelling fresh
Berry Harvest - sweet and fun scent
Pumpkin Praline - a sweet, sparkling frosted soap with a hint of pumpkin
Witch's Brew - a delightfully spicy scent with a bit of cinnamon
Peppermint Patty - refreshing peppermint scent
Winter Wonderland - light, clean and crisp like a winter's day
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