Custom Designed Projects

Winona Creek has over 40 Artists, Creators and Makers available to help you create the custom designed project you're envisioning!


  • Hemlock Haven

    Our Neighbors and our Friends! Hemlock Haven is a Christmas Tradition with their tractor rides to find the perfect tree! When you visit them online or in person ~ Tell them we said, "Merry Christmas!"

    Hemlock Haven 
  • Country Pet & Farm

    There is a surprise inside this store! From Barn Boots to Dog Leashes and everything in between ~ This is one of those places that is both practical and unpredictable! And did we mention that they have some amazing treats for people too!

    Country Pet & Farm 
  • Huckleberry Cafe

    Is there anything better than great food and good friends? We don't think so! Unless they also have Ice Cream (and they do!) Bring your appetite because after your meal ~ you will need one of their homemade desserts!

    Huckleberry Cafe