Corn Bag, Back Style
If you love the warm colors of autumn, this slip cover is filled with bright autumn leaves.
Whether you like grape juice, jelly, or wine - the slip cover has a black background covered in clusters of grapes and leaves.
For your favorite wine enthusiast, slip cover is black fabric adorned with wine motifs.
We can't forget our cat lovers - white slip cover featuring loads of pretty kitties.
Slip cover is black fabric with red and white dice - perfect for a gamer.
Slip cover is light green and adorned with seashells and starfish.
For fans of sugar skulls, this slip cover has a black background filled with sugar skull pets.
For the young or young at heart - slip cover is pink with colorful cartoon turtles.
Pink tartan slip cover adorned with white West Highland Terriers and clack Scottish Terriers.
Green slip cover with repeating Celtic design.
Orange dotted slip cover has whimsical dragonflies and pink flowers.
Light green slip cover patterned with cute ladybugs, butterflies and flowers.
White background of the slip cover is perfect for showing off little black Scotties in red bows.
This cornbag's slip cover has nearly every color of the rainbow - as seahorses!
Corn Bag, Back Style

Corn Bag, Back Style

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Corn bags from Good Karma Handy Crafts can be used hot (microwavable) or cold (from the freezer) to soothe all your bumps & bruises, aches & pains.  Cover is easily removed for heating/freezing or washing.  Back style bags are square and measure about 9-1/2 inches.