Winona Creek will NOT be crippled by Covid-19!

Winona Creek will NOT be crippled by Covid-19!

To all of our fans, those who have been guests to the gift shoppe or one of our events and those who follow us on any internet platform, we want to open up to you and tell you: we get it, we understand, and we’re still here.

We get that you are frustrated, stressed, tired of the way things are because we get like that, too. We get that you are cooped up and bored, we get that activities and events you were planning on and looking forward to are cancelled. Like many of you, we are working our day jobs from home and we are getting plenty of studio time despite the fact there is no date yet when we can reopen our doors and display our new products.

With all of this going on and all these feelings going through our heads, we understand it’s easy to get angry or even fearful. But we do not choose those responses; we choose determination and motivation. At Winona Creek, we’re all about creativity even in the face of daunting times. If you were to drop a boulder in the middle of a stream, would the water stop flowing? Of course not, it would find a way to work around the boulder and that’s just what we’re doing with this COVID-19 obstacle. We are working hard to build and stock our new website so our fans can still be an active part of our Winona Creek family. Because that’s what you are to us, you’re an extension of our family and we miss you. And we hope you miss us, too.

Jim hates the term “the new normal” because to him, normal means things aren’t changing, and change is what makes us grow. Our hope is that you, like us, will not accept a new normal but change your self and your lifestyle and grow into something better. Just because we can’t open our door doesn’t mean we’ve gone anywhere; we’re still Winona Creek and we’re still here for you. We can’t wait to show you what’s coming and how we’re improving – and yes, growing! – and through the next couple of weeks you’ll be getting a sampling of the great things to come.

To our Winona Creek family we say: hold on, this is going to be something!

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