Where's the Holiday Magic?

Where's the Holiday Magic?

We admit it.  We've been feeling very nostalgic around here.  Lingering in memories of when the kids were small and the Christmas trees were tall.

The Holidays are such an amazing time of year.  Sadly, though, that magical feeling often gets lost in the hectic rush.  When did our To Do Lists get so long? (I mean, honestly, did Alexa really pause and take a deep breath half way through reading it! LOL)  And as we rush from store to store, to the gas station, and back to more stores... Did we know any of the cashiers?  Did they even smile at us?

Hmmm... Maybe that's not how the Holidays are supposed to be.  Luckily, we have a Gift Shoppe where we CAN bring the magic back.  We promise you these 3 things when you visit Winona Creek:

  1. You are always Welcome here!  We appreciate your visit.  We will smile.  We will chat.  
  2. You can ask us!  Ask about the artist, ask about the technique, ask for recommendations when you're stumped.  We actually LOVE to help.
  3. We value your time.  Whether you're in a hurry or in the mood to browse and wander... We're going to do our best to make your visit easier!

Beyond all of that, we are determined to bring back the FUN!  So join us every week during the month of December!  Take Silly Selfies, Write a Letter to Santa or a Wish List, Enjoy some Stress Free Shopping & Savings too, and finally make sure even the Last Minute Gift is something Special!

Because this year, the most important thing on your Holiday To Do List is to ~ Enjoy!

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