We are Radio STARS!!!

We are Radio STARS!!!

Okay, maybe not!  But boy, it sure was fun hearing 93Q's Ted and Amy talk about Winona Creek on air!

We love being a part of Amy's Slumber Party ~ especially this year!  What a fantastic way to support the local businesses that are still being so severely impacted by the Covid-19 Pandemic.  The media has spent a good amount of time telling the stories of the shutdown of restaurants, gyms, beauty salons and theaters.  Yet, handmade artists (like the 40+ featured at Winona Creek) have remained largely unnoticed.  

Craft Shows, Fairs, and Festivals have been shutdown for over a year!  In many cases, Self Employed Artists are unable to collect unemployment.  Which has led these Artists to face a devastating financial crisis!  These Artists are our friends, our neighbors, and the people we see everyday in our communities and yet the impact has been largely unnoticed.

So, when we had the chance to be involved in Amy's Slumber Party we knew it was the perfect opportunity to introduce our Artists to a wider audience!  It was fun to be featured on their Social Media!  However, what really struck us as funny ~ is how eerily similar Ted & Amy's On-Air conversation was to some of our business meetings!  "Poo"pouri (or just poo) is almost always a topic discussed!  Our latest poo conversation centers around Porta-Potties for our May Faire!  And believe me ~ you are glad that conversation wasn't "On Air"!  

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