Halloween & Holiday Open House, Oh, MY!

Halloween & Holiday Open House, Oh, MY!

Who could've imagined that 9 months later... we would still be talking about COVID-19 and it's impacts on our daily health, lives and businesses.  Yet here we are. 

The COVID restrictions made a substantial impact on our Fall Festival.  For the safety of our community we opted for a virtual event.  What a fun time we had making our videos to highlight the handmade items available in the Shoppe!  We learned so very much... Like we need better lighting, better sound sync, and more sleep!  We did, however, also learn a great deal about hosting another virtual event and more importantly we learned – the Holiday Open House HAS to be in person!!!  We missed seeing you all so much and we simply cannot imagine the Holidays without you!

The Holiday Open House is scheduled every year for the Saturday before Thanksgiving, making this year’s date November 21. If you’ve ever attended this event, you know we’ve had an instance or two where the house was filled with guests but it doesn’t happen all day long – the traffic flow is usually pretty steady. But there are definitely times where guests may linger during their shopping, refreshments, and even at checkout.

So this year, to best control the flow of traffic and to keep in line with safety requirements, there will be one direction of travel through the house culminating with checkout in the Gift Shoppe and exit through that door (so, one entrance, one exit). In addition, we will have hand sanitizer available and will be ensuring that everyone adheres to the NY Governor's mask policy.

More on the Holiday Open House later but... it's only mid-October so ~ Let's talk Halloween!

We are thrilled to announce that on Saturday, October 31st the Shoppe will be open from 9 a.m. until 8 p.m. ~ Again this year we will have treats for all the Ghouls & Goblins and Hot Coffee for their Grown Ups!   (Pssst... I've got a secret!!!  We're also expecting a Special Visitor ~ Her Hubby isn't the only one who knows how to drive a sleigh!)

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