Fall Festivals and Fall S'more!

Fall Festivals and Fall S'more!

Oh goodness!  Where did this summer go?  Our last blog was about May Faire!!!  And now, we're past our Fall Festival and getting ready for the Holiday Open House!!!  OH MY!  

But before we dive into all of the excitement that the Holiday Open House always brings (not going to lie ~ it's our FAVORITE event every year!) we need to share everything that we did this Summer and Fall!  So get ready, Y'all ~ Here it goes!


Our Winona Creek Fall Festival was a picture perfect day!!!  FioJos got the day started with some yummy Apple Cider DoChos and Iced Coffees!  Treat Bites kept the sweetness going all day with the best cookies!  And believe it or not we had not 1, not 2, but 3 Kathys running around!  Kathy Flory brought an Alpaca for one last visit before they moved to their new Vermont home!  Cathy Mallory brought handmade doll clothes ~ a new addition to the Shoppe!  And our favorite Kathy was enjoying non-stop Iced Coffees to keep her charged at the Checkout Counter!

For more photos of all the fun please check out our Facebook page!

What could we do after our own Fall Festival?  Help co-ordinate another one!  We were so proud to be a part of the Oswego County Fair's Family Fall Festival!  Jim has a knack for organizing Crafters and Vendors!  And wow!!! What a turn out!  It was great to see so many of our friends and neighbors.  And Jim had a great time handing out the Raffle Drawing prizes!

So, we should've been all tuckered out on "Fall Festivals" right?  NOPE!  On our only day off we gathered the crew and headed out to Lafayette Apple Fest ~ Looking for "S'more" inspiration on how to make our Festivals bigger and better next time!  

Hope you all have been having as much fun as we have this Fall!  And we're not done yet ~ It's "Deck the Fall" at the Shoppe and we've got great deals on all sorts of Autumn Goodies!  Stop in and say Hi ~ You'll love some of the new items we just got in!

Next time... You'll get the inside scoop on our Handmade Holiday Open House!

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