Delayed but not Discouraged!!!

Delayed but not Discouraged!!!

Being a small business has so many challenges.  Especially this year!

Did you know that prepping for our Annual Holiday Open House takes weeks?  In addition to having the Gift Shoppe Open and maintaining!  Every year, we are able to do it because we have the help of our amazing Artists, Craftspeople & Makers.  They show up to help us clean, rearrange, organize a plan, set up, tear down... They are there to help us do it all because they love being a part of this special event.

But within just 12 days of our Annual Holiday Open House, Covid-19 reared it's ugly head causing some of our "Crafting" Family to go into Quarantine!  We were devastated to hear the news.  We simply could not imagine the Holiday Open House without them.  But more importantly, we wanted to offer them our full support! The best part of being from a small tight-knit community is being able to pitch in during times of trouble. We volunteered and are now official "Errand Runners!"  

With all that in mind, we decided to postpone our Holiday Open House until December 5th.  This small delay will allow us to focus on ensuring a safe event for everyone.  Until then we are SAFELY Open for Business!  Your support helps us keep our doors open and directly impacts 50 local artists, crafters, makers and their families who have been hit hard by the loss of craft show income this year.  Thank you for your understanding and for everything you're doing to keep our community safe and thriving!  See you soon, friends!

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