"After" is Just the Start!!!

"After" is Just the Start!!!

The Office Makeover was a huge undertaking!   Simply because there aren't many offices that do as much as ours does!

Kathy is an Artist with paints, and canvas, and product blanks, and projects that are half way there.  Now, she is adding even more dimension to her work as she adds clothing and fabric art too!

Don't let that fool you!  Jim has his share of stuff too!  As a wire and jewelry artist he needs quite a few tools within reach at all times and while his supplies might be a little smaller it all adds up!  But beware if you step on a runaway bead in your bare feet!  Ever stepped on a Lego??? Yep, it's just like that!!!  

And Celicia's here part time too!  And although she travels light with just her laptop in tow... Her camera equipment, lights, photo backgrounds, props and booth can fill up a space pretty quickly too!

In addition ~ There is all the paperwork that not 1 but 2 businesses produce!

It's easy to understand how the office got in such dire straights.  But we could all feel the disorder drain our creativity so we did what we always do... Tackled the problem TOGETHER!  We set out to clean out the cobwebs and clutter and get our Creativity Back!

It's been a month since the Re-do and we have been Re-Energized!  Kathy is enjoying her much larger desk!  Jim is enjoying his organized tools and supplies!  Celicia set up her photo booth!  The Newly Improved Office is just the start of great new things for all of us and for Winona Creek!  Truly, each day in the Office gets better!  

But no one has been in the Office!!!  If you haven't guessed why... Stay tuned for the cutest distraction we've ever laid eyes on!!!

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